Payroll solutions

Upon recruiting and selecting your staff, the most important thing is to keep control over your staff and remain responsible for selecting and hiring new employees. Hereafter Globalcrewmanagement can facilitate all administrative tasks for hiring subsequent staff. As an employer you will have the advantages of having proper staff, but not the burden of administration.

When you have found the right employee, or if we found the right employee for you, he or she will be on our payroll on your behalf. Global crew management ensures that this employee is hired under the right conditions related to local law, regulations and social benefits.

What else do we do?

  • Drawing up the correct employment contract. This includes the collective labor agreement which is applicable for your employee, the duration of the contract (depending on the contract form), the gross hourly rate, holiday pay and leave days;
  • Indicate and handle contract extensions;
  • handle the repository correctly;
  • Calculating salary based on hours worked and payment;
  • Providing pay slips and annual statements;
  • Payment of mandatory employer premiums;
  • Taking out pension provisions and collective insurance for your employees.
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